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Patent CEO Reviews and Sample Patents


PatentCEO Samples

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1- US Patent No. 9,793,665 : Bar Juice Electronic Device Connection System by Eric Hernandez. The inventor wanted a user to be able to easily access a cell phone, music player or similar device power port at an restaurant or bar where space is at a premium. His solution provides for a mult-stage cascading power strip that feeds off of a previous stage. Additionally, the strips are situated unobtrusively under the countertop so as to minimize impact upon the user's consumption of food and drink..

2- US Patent No. 9,700,029 : Dynamic Fishing Lure System and Method by Robert Mann.  The avid fisherman, and marketing manager created a fishing device having novelties in software, simple electronics, software, recharging devices and processes.  The invention is subject of three continuation cases regarding various aspects of the aforementioned.  In this particular application a simple recharging port is presented.

3- US Patent No. 8,303,300 : Intermaxillary Fixation Bonded Bracket Assembly by Lewis Pitnick et al.  Mr. Pitnick noticed that when surgeons went to operate of persons having jaw fractures of various sorts they used various painful processes.  In particular, it was necessary to drill through the various bones to immobilize the mandible (the lower jaw) using various wires and other mountable devices.  This was an extremely dolorous, bloody and in the long term unsanitary solution as food and liquids ingested would tend to cling to the wires and devices thereby causing a maintenance problem during the wait for the bones to heal.  His solution included having a easy to mount and remove system using strong dental adhesives that would 1) forbid the need for bloody painful surgery; 2) permit the cleaning of the mouth; and 3) provide for an easily maintained system.

4- US Patent No. 9,138,617 Divers Propulsion System by Gustavo Duboy. This is a personal favorite as Mr. Duboy actually has another patent on another type of Divers Propulsion System that was featured in the James Bond action adventure "Thunderball."  The device permits a user to easily insert and remove his or her battery replacements within the confines of a battery compartment contained about the body of the electric motor providing the propulsion.  More about the original patent soon....

5- US Patent No. 9,440,490 : Trailer Axle Repair Kit Having Spare Spindle and Flange Axle Assembly by Earland M. Crockett, Jr.  Mr. Crockett created a novel Spare Spindle Repair Kit and Assembly for when the regular one is broken on a vehicle.

6- US Patent No. 9,965,978 : Air Conditioner Educational Demonstration System and Method of Operation by Dr. Michael E. Afanasiev.  Dr. "Michaels" created a system for permitting users to measure the amount of pressure throughout an air conditioner demonstration system at various points therein.  Thus, students are able to learn about the appropriate pressures expected at nodes associated with the compressor, evaporator, condenser and so forth.  Various valves are disposed through the Air Conditioning circuit along with appropriate gauges proximal thereto.  Finally, and most importantly, the system used compressed nitrogen instead of Freon or Puron so as to avoid freeze burn injuries of students and so as to prevent permanent damage to the environment.

7- US Patent No. 8,701,311 : Top of the Boot by Laurel Barnhart.  This invention should be particularly pleasing to the fashion conscious amongst you.  Ms. Barnhart developed a line of decorative accessories that were simply attachable quite literally to the "Top of the Boot."  Thus, various chains, ornaments and so forth could be deployed in unison with natural or synthetic furs to improve the appearance of a boot.


PatentCEO Review | Phillip Vales


1. Review of Patent CEO Phillip Vales

Juan De Ledebur, Inventor and Executive at Vacuum Elevators in Medley Florida

Mr. Juan De Ledebur is an inventor and executive who along with Carlos Ascua are moving their company in the forefront of new elevator technology. He has recently obtained two patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office using the services of Patent CEO and several more patent applications are planned; you can search for the issued patents at for US 9248995 Vacuum Valve and Vacuum Brake US 9162848 . The company, Vacuum Elevators produces elevators that do not work by counterweights. On the contrary, they use the principle of air pressure differential to produce motion. As such they needed the help of a patent company to protect their intellectual property and they came to Patent CEO a few years back to secure their concepts. Here is a short interview of Mr. De Ledebur:

Q: Hi, what is your name?

A: Juan De Ledebur?

Q: Mr. De Ledebur, are you an inventor?

A: Yes, I am an inventor, and I am in the elevator business.

Q: And what kind of elevators do you deal with?

A: They are called vacuum elevators.

Q: And how do these elevators work?

A: They basically don’t use any pulleys or or they are not hydraulics they just use air to move from one floor to another.

Q: And so this apparently requires a lot of patents, have you been patenting items?

A: Well I patented two areas of my elevators.

Q: And did you use a local company to do that?

A: Yes I used a local company.

Q: And what is the name of that company?

A: Patent CEO

Q: And were you happy with the speed with which they produced the patent?

A: Yes I was very happy with the service and the two patents were granted in a relatively short period of time.

Q: And would you recommend this company to anyone else?

A: Yes I would recommend the company.

Q: And is there any other comments that you would like to make about patents or Patent CEO?

A: Whenever I had questions they were always very open to me and very fast in replying and I would strongly recommend them to someone else.

Thank you for your time.

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2. Review of Patent CEO Phillip Vales

by Ted Suratt, Scientist, Inventor on Several Issued Patents

Mr. Suratt is the sole inventor of a Wastewater Purification System that issued as US patent no. 9,266,751 you can search for this patent on He has made some comments about the service received from Phillip Vales and Patent CEO as described below.

Q: Are you an inventor here in Clearwater?

TS: Yes

Q: Have you had several patents before in different technologies?

TS: Yes

Q: What kind of technologies are we dealing with here?

TS: The last patent that I filed was a water reclaim system for car washes and different applications.

Q: And were you successful in getting that patent?

TS: Yes

Q: What was the company that you used and were you happy with that company?

TS: I used Patent CEO Phillip Vales.

Q: Were you satisfied with their work product, with their speed?

TS: Very Satisfied.

Q:Were you happy with the speed of the patent, and getting it filed and getting a return from the Patent Office?

TS: Yes I filed approximately 10 patents before, and used different attorneys before, the attorney I used to use before in Clearwater retired and I went to the list on the internet and I found Patent CEO and I talked to Phillip Vales.

Q: So you are really happy with them?

TS: I am very very happy with them.

Q: Well do you recommend Patent CEO for other people? Would you recommend them?

TS: Yes absolutely.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say?

TS: Nothing, other than I was quite surprised usually you have to spend a lot of time with the patent attorney going over the different things on the patent application. It takes a while for the other party to understand completely the uniqueness that you are trying to invent present in a patent application. I went through that with Phillip and one time about thirty minutes and we were done and I was quite surprised. And in fact I didn’t believe that we would have a good application. But then when he presented me with the original draft of the patent I was quite surprised. He captured the idea very well.

8- US Patent No. 9,266,751 Wastewater Purification System by Ted Suratt. The purification system using both ultraviolet lighting and electrical effects to purify the wastewater passing through an entry passageway.  The entry passageway ends at a top of the main tank and injects the wastewater into the main tank at a tangent to the main tank body's circumference.  Heavy materials sink to the bottom where they can be expelled through a port; lighter wastewater is caught in the top level vortex caused by the tangential insertion of water at top and is expelled through a port communicating with an outside channel.  However, clean water that is lighter than the grimy water at top makes its way to the bottom of orifices in the side of the inner tank for expulsion of clean water out through a central pipe.

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3. PatentCEO Phillip Vales Review

A marine industry patent veteran interviewed on his experiences with Patent CEO

Mr. Donald Larson is a Tampa based inventor who works on various patents relating to the marine industry such as his new SLIP FITTING found in US Patent NO. 9,388,836 (see and type in the number to see the patent). Don is also an inventor of a Bimini T Top cover that effectively and efficiently covers these type of boats. Don’s other accomplishments include being associated with Taylor Made Products (R) a New York company having ten or more globally located factories. They produced his Bimini T Top cover and made an agreement for royalty payments to Don as well as permitting him to sell the product himself as the T Top Guy. Mr. Larson chose Patent CEO of Tampa to obtain his patent on another marine product; this is a short talk with Don about his personal experiences with Patent CEO and Phillip Vales.

Q: Hi what’s your name?

A: Hi, I am Donald Larson.

Q: Hi Don how many years have you been involved in inventing?

A: Mmmm… Twenty four now.

Q: And have you been involved with many patents?

A: A number of them and some of the things that I have invented I have decided not to go forward with the patent application.

Q: Do you have any existing patents?

A: Yes I do.

Q: And what kind of industry do you work in>

A: Most of the patents have to do with marine applications for boating.

Q: Do you deal with major companies, small businesses, do you have associations?

A: Yes, My association is with the manufacturer themselves. I invent and design different products for major marine manufacturers and they actually and sell to the public. I don’t do that.

Q: Recently you came to Patent CEO; or a few years ago you came to Patent CEO to get a patent application and I wonder if you could talk about your experience with them?

A: Well I have had a number of patents filed before and I was lucky enough to find Patent CEO… continued in Part 2….

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4. Review of Patent CEO Phillip Vales

by Alyse Merritt Inventor and Product Developer

I am here to share a little bit about Phillip Vales and Patent CEO and the wonderful amazing services that have been provided to me because of them and because of Phillip. For many years I actually prayed to God for someone who would work with me on my patents and on my ideas and inventions who would not charge me exorbitant fees and who would be patient to work with me on my ideas and Phillip Vales came into my life at the perfect time.

He was effective and had a strong work ethic, he was patient with me. He took my phone calls during the night and weekends when you know I was just panicking about some questions I had and he was extremely diligent; and all this to say after a few years we have a wonderful patent to show for it and almost all of the claims were approved. And I am so excited to say that I have five new patents coming down the pike.

So if you are looking for non-provisional or provisional patents, Phillip Vales will be there for you and I also have to say that I am so excited that now I actually working with national retailers hoping for a distribution as a result of all the hard work efforts that Phillip Vales has done for me.

And I know if he has done it for me and helped me this much he can do it for you as well; and for all your patenting needs Phillip Vales is your man. Thank you…

Alyse received here US Patent as No. 9,254,951; you can search for this patent on She is creating various other inventions in different fields of endeavor. We wish her much success.

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