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The patent process is a labyrinth of rules and regulations.  For a new inventor submitting an invention to such a convoluted system can seem daunting at best.  That is where a patent attorney or patent agent can help you find your way through the process.  They will guide you step by step to bring your invention through the legal hurdles.  At Patent CEO, we value you and your business.  We will endeavor to determine the best strategy for your idea or concept based upon your particular needs and goals.  Our Jacksonville location serves the greater city of Jacksonville zone.

This is an area having many entertainment, educational, financial and business interests that are served by a large population of about a million residents.  Amongst the businesses operating in Jacksonville are medical companies such as PSS World Medical, transportation companies like Landstar System, and CSX corporation.  PSS World Medical distributes medical products, equipment and billing services to healthcare providers.  CSX is a major rail freight provider in North America having container and trailer transport in over twenty-three US states.  Additionally, the US military has a large presence in the vicinity with its Naval Air Station Jacksonville and Naval Station Mayport as well as other locations.  Many other businesses make Jacksonville there home and citizens take advantage of a variety of educational institutions found nearby.  It is no wonder that they have so many novel ideas.

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