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For an inventor, getting a patent can seem like an ordeal with a flurry of documents, unfamiliar legal terminology and more.  However, it does not have to be all that complicated.  All you have to do is to contact a patent attorney or patent agent who can help you navigate the various aspects of the process in the US system.  In particular, at Patent CEO we serve the residents of the  Tampa Bay area by helping them submit their ideas and inventions to the US patent office.  The Tampa region is surrounded with many companies  producing energy, finance, shipping and entertainment.  Additionally, the environs are permeated with a US military presence at MacDill Air Force Base.  The base serves as HQ for Central Command, Special Operations Command and more.  These are all located in the robust city at the western mid-point of Florida.

Tampa is located on the Gulf Coast western side of Florida state.  This region also includes the city of St. Petersburg and Clearwater Florida.  It is more often referred to as the Tampa Bay area and includes 2-3 million residents in four large counties; the Greater Tampa Bay area includes the Sarasota city region bringing the total population to about four million.  With all of these residents you would expect the Greater Tampa Bay to have a great variety of educational, financial, entertainment and business concerns; and the city and surrounding area do not disappoint.  If an education is what you want Greater Tampa includes Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, DeVry University and Ultimate Medical Campus, the University of South Florida with over 40,000 enrolled students, Stetson College of Law and the University of Tampa.  With all of this education you would expect that Tampa Bay residents would produce some fascinating inventions.

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